Au pair

A babysitter specially for your event!

Looking for a babysitter for a special event such as a wedding, business event, vacation babysitter or something else?

We screen all our babysitters in 3 steps: Profile and photo check, social media check and reference check. So you always have a reliable babysitter through us.

Send us an email or call us to discuss your needs. Chances are we can help you :) 06-30229413

Au pair process

1. Contact us!

Send your request to or just give us a call.

2. We contact you

We provide information about the prices and the process.

3. We send you a profile

Take a look at the profile, photo, description, age experience and superpower.

4. Meet the nanny

Have a cup of tea or video call to get to know each other.

5. Free giftset

We will send a small entertainment set to the nanny with glitters and tattoos

6. Enjoy your day!

We make sure the nanny is well prepared. You can pay the nanny at the end of the appointment. ( cash or bank transfer )

Benefits of Special Babysitter

  • Advice on the number of babysitters required for your request
  • Hand picked, orderly babysitters with appropriate experience
  • Option for using party packages
  • No hassle: you've gotten yourself a proper babysitter!


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Whatsapp or call: 06-30229413