What other parents say about Nanny Nina & our babysitters

Reactions from our customers & reviews from customers about their babysitters!

Coen Timmer-van Gaalen (Delft)

Super service! Handy system and well-selected babysitters. We have now become acquainted with 3 babysitters and it clicked with everyone.

Priscilla Genovesi Silva-Bueninck (Haarlem)

I am very happy with Nanny Nina, the babysitters are all nice, my children love them I can finally book my babysitter in stead or calling all my neighbor girls.

Renee Huisman (Amsterdam)

I used Nanny Nina for the first time and was really impressed! As a busy working parent, it is really great to have this child or affortable and reliable support. Thanks!

Joke Duijnisveld (Delft)

Nice new site! We find it an ideal system and will certainly continue to use it for a long time to come! Joke and Marcel

Karin (t 'Gooi)

I am very happy with the babysitters of Madelief! They are well screened even last minute babysitters are quickly arranged!

Nareen (Delft)

Nanny Nina helped me really good with finding my nice babysitter when I arrived in a new country I want the same babysitter any time, which is why the website really works!

Reactions from our customers about their babysitters!

Sanne - Our real favorite !!

Sanne worked with us for a whole school year as a babysitter. She loves playing games and entertaining the children. I want to recommend Anna because she has a lot of experience with children and because she has a very relaxed attitude. Judith

Sarah - Experience, nice nanny

Sarah is a winner! She always has everything in order, the house is tidy and the children are always well looked after. In short, we actually give Anna a 10 but we can only give 5 :) Daan