What does it cost to arrange my babysitter?

On average you pay 10 euro per hour during the day when your kids are awake, and 7 euro per hour when your kids are asleep.

Service costs and hourly costs

At Nanny Nina. you pay a babysitter 2 euros less per hour when the children are asleep. The sitter can watch tv or study, so the payment can be a bit lower then!

You pay the babysitter per hour and you also pay service costs so that we can screen the babysitters. We work with a "no cure no pay arrangement". If we do not have a babysitter for you, you will not pay any service costs either!

What does it cost to arrange my babysitter at Nanny Nina?

You pay for 2 things: the hourly rate of the babysitter and the service costs

Babysitter hourly rates

Children sleep (€ 4- € 9 per hour)

Children awake (€ 7 - € 15 per hour)

au pair: 340 euro per month

Nanny hourly rates (diploma and childcare allowance)

Children sleep (€ 8- € 12 per hour)

Children awake (€ 12- € 20 per hour)

au pair 340 euro per month

In addition, you pay our service costs per month

Occasional Babysitting service: € 14.9 per month

Regular day babysitting service: € 69 to € 189 per month

Nanny service with surcharge: € 75 to € 99 per month + amount per hour

au pair: 700 euro per month

Hourly rate of the babysitter, au pair or nanny

The average hourly rate depends on how old your babysitter is, what experience, education and diplomas she has and also where she lives. In Amsterdam, babysitters ask more per hour than in Groningen!

The service costs

You pay the service costs so that you can always call us and you have the nicest and screened babysitters! In addition, we arrange replacement in the event of illness and ensure that the insurance is in order.

You pay the service costs monthly as long as you use a babysitter or nanny that you know through us. In addition, we develop the app and our platform of these costs :)

Curious about the service costs?
First choose which type of babysitter fits your question, then we can show you the good price clearly!

Love, Nina