Childcare in your own house?

Looking for a nanny with government allowance?

If you are looking for a nanny for more then 20 hours a week, then a professional nanny could be something for you.

image of a gastouder professional nanny in the playground taking care of a kid in the sun

Educated nanny

Are you looking for a nanny at home and do you want to receive childcare allowance? That is easy and online with us! We are Shanna and Jasmijn from the only digital childminding agency in the Netherlands. We are happy to help you find and register your educated nanny! An educated nanny at home with childcare allowance can come to us from 20 hours a week.

There is a bit more to the process of finding a proeddional nanny than a "normal" babysitter. It takes at least 2 months before we have found a nanny and the application has also been approved.

How it works

Step 1: Submit your specific request below

Step 2: We will call you with more information about the selection process

Step 3: You will receive an update within 2 weeks and we will send the profile of a selected, available and reliable educated nanny as soon as possible.

Step 4: You choose your babysitter and arrange an introduction.

Step 5: We plan a digital house check and visit GGD ( government)

Step 6: We submit the application for approval: it can take up to 2 months until the educated nanny starts!

Image of two happu children smiling at their nanny playing a game together.

Benefits of an educated nanny

  • Your certified educated nanny at home, but with childcare allowance

  • We search, no cure, no pay

  • Free babysitting service including 24/7 'babysitter-is-sick' step-in nanny, and last-minute service.

  • Your nanny does the shopping, helps with the household chores and cooks!

  • We arrange liability insurance, disability insurance and super simple administration.

  • Includes flexible babysitting service in the evening

About our nanny agency

Nanny Nina is the only digital nanny agency that manages the administration super efficiently through automation and modern work. We do exactly what you need: We ensure that everything is arranged properly and that you can receive the allowance.

Practical information:

Cost: 99 euros per month regardless of the number of children and 1.75 per hour.

Do you already have a nanny and would like to join our agency?

This only costs 75 euros per month+ the hourly fee.

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