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screenshot of the babysit and nanny example contract that you can download with agreements about the hourly fee of the babysitter, termination period and worktimes / holiday agreements.

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It's convenient to record the agreements with your babysitter because there may be a difference of opinion. It protects you and the babysitter when everything is immediately clear from the start.

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What is a babysitter contract and what does it contain?

It is not mandatory to use a contract. It is actually just an agreement that you draw up with your babysitter. We recommend to include the following things, and some more explanation below.

The reimbursement per hour and travel costs in the babysitter agreement?

What amount does your babysitter ask per hour? Do you pay this per hour or per day? Are the travel expenses reimbursed? Do you pay less when the children are asleep? It is wise to place all of this in the contract.

We advise you to pay €0.19 cents to travel costs to the babysitter and to pay 2 euros less per hour if your children are asleep.

Extra household chores

Also, record which tasks you expect from the babysitter. Make agreements about this in the contract! Does vacuuming and storing the dishwasher belong to this? And cooking and washing? At Nanny Nina, we find that a dishwasher and a laundry fall under "small household chores" and can therefore easily be expected from a babysitter. Cleaning work such as toilets is possible in consultation, but then the hourly rate often also goes up. The house rules for the babysitter Share your house rules with the babysitter because you want them to be observed even when you are not there. Consider, for example, the children's bedtime, time behind the scenes, and what you can and cannot give to the children as a meal. Don't forget the most important things such as allergies and medicines! Download the babysitter contract We are happy to help you with our babysitting contract! You can download it here for free. We have tested it for 10 years and it works very well. Not too difficult, but exactly what you need. View our model agreement babysitting agreements here.

Download the free model agreement

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More information or assistance

Would you like to discuss the content of the contract? or need some help with translations? Please feel free to contact us!