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What does Nanny Nina offer you as a babysitter

πŸ“± A great app!

🌟 Choose your own work hours (weekend, evening or weekdays, just nice when you have time)

πŸ’³ Earn a good salary (8 euros to 13 euros per hour)

πŸ“ Babysit in your area

πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘§ We match you with lovely families!

❀️ Your insurance is taken care of

What are we looking for in a babysitter?

❀️ You love children

πŸ•€ You are reliable and you keep your appointments

✨ You are a nice babysitter!

🧜‍♀️ You look representable

πŸŽ“ No diploma or training required

🧸 At least 16 years old.

What nannies say about working at Nanny Nina"

“ Yeah, working with Nanny Nina is really convenient... I can see when families are looking for a babysitter from the app, and then decide for myself if I want to go or not. I can choose what I earn per hour and I can easily combine it with my studies by choosing work in the evenings. It’s great! I have some money to do fun things at the weekend;)!” Sarah

babysitter smiles at the camera as she tells her story about babysitting.

Do you enjoy working with children? And do you want a nice job with a lot of freedom? Choose your own work hours and respond to babysitting requests when it suits you. Are you studying or do you have another job? Then you can easily take a babysitting job in your neighborhood. Ideally, earn while you study in the evenings?! ;)

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